Proximity Raises over $7,000 for Domestic Violence Crisis Service (DVCS)

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Although the world may be self-isolating and social distancing, Proximity’s recent virtual fundraising event for DVCS “Hair Change for Loose Change” proved that it’s  still possible to come together for good.

On Thursday 23 April, the Proximity team tuned in live as multiple brave staff and family members volunteered to shave, change or colour their hair for DVCS.

We watched on in laughter and shock as the following courageous individuals modified their locks;

  • The Dunn Family; including James and Alison Dunn
    Kyle Wood
  • Paula Gonzalez
  • David Smith
  • Geoff Smith
  • John Jeston

We also hosted a Virtual Scavenger Hunt which saw whole families involved in finding household items for prizes, and a Talent Auction to leverage the unique talents of staff, resulting in over $1,300 being raised for a ramen cooking lesson, PT sessions, baked goods and specially curated book bundles

The virtual fundraiser was also the ideal medium for Sonia Di Mezza, CEO of DVCS to login and reiterate the importance of their services and the impact the donations will have in continuing their vital service delivery through this especially testing time.  Sonia clarified that the funds raised will go along way to help those in need, “the money raised will used to help support our clients impacted by family and domestic violence, mostly support in paying for groceries, petrol, phone credit and mobile phones”,  Sonia stated.

The virtual event was a huge success for DVCS fundraising and keeping the Proximity team connected with each other during COVID-19 working from home arrangements. The original fundraiser target of $2,000 was quickly surpassed, with a total of $7,098 raised from internal staff and wider community donations. A big thank everyone who donated both their time and spare change to this great cause.

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