Our biggest promotion round

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We are delighted to announce the promotion of 20 team members across our Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide offices, as part of our biggest promotion round ever in our 10-year history.

The promotion round sees advisors elevated to senior roles across all three solution areas: consulting, legal and commercial. We have appointed one new Principal Advisor, 8 new Expert Advisors, 5 new Special Advisors, and 6 new Senior Advisors, a massive milestone for Proximity that has grown to 110 people.

James Dunn, Co-Founder and a Director of Proximity, said the promotions reflected the significant professional and personal growth achieved across the Proximity team, in addition to reflecting the growth of Proximity in size, capability, and geographies.

“I am delighted to see so many of my Proximity colleagues going further in their careers,” James said. “These promotions, combined with our expanded service offering and continued geographical growth is a direct response to meeting rising client demand for the practical, multi-disciplinary approach we take to help clients solve their challenges and achieve maximum impact.”

The promotions come at a time where the majority of the nation is locked-down and facing economic uncertainty because of COVID-19. Despite this, we have continued our bold approach and invested significantly in our existing team members and the recruitment of highly skilled and experienced advisors to meet growing client needs, including helping clients navigate their way through the pandemic crisis.

“It’s an honour to recognise and reward the outstanding work being done by our team, especially during the pandemic,” James said

For Melissa Crampton, Proximity’s Group Manager – People, the large promotion round reflects Proximity facilitation and creation of a high-performance learning culture, and unwavering focus on our people. “The number of promotions this year speaks volumes to our people-first approach, we operate a cross-functional structure, with no silos, which ultimately allows our staff to explore a wider range of opportunities and gain exposure to experts and new experiences”, Melissa stated.

“We have clear career progression paths at Proximity – all team members are assigned a Career and Wellbeing Manager who provide consistent career support and regular formal and informal career and wellbeing check-in. Programs like this particularly benefit our early career cohort, which is evident in the promotion of 6 early career professionals to the Senior Advisor level, including individuals who have been employed with Proximity while completing their studies and then in their early professional years”.

It’s through initiatives like these that Proximity continues to experience growth and empowers our people, clients and communities to go further.

Full list of promotions

New Principal Advisors
Jody Blinco

New Expert Advisors
Dwayne Currie
Gordon Henderson
Irene Ghobreal
Julie Fox
Mike Agnew
Peter DeGraaff
Simon Taylor
Ted Bilton

New Special Advisors
David Hoitink
James Suter
Nicole Elliott
Paulina Rakic
Vicki Linabury

New Senior Advisors
Caitlin Morgan
Cara Hammerton
Casidhe Sternbeck-Rutter
Declan Norrie
Elisa Meddi
John Yoon

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