Proximity state finalist in the Telstra Best of Business Awards

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ACT State Finalist in the Building Communities category

Big news! We are proud to announce Proximity are State Finalists in the 2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards for the Building Communities category. With over 24,000 nominations and a rigorous judging process, the Telstra Best of Business Awards are the most prestigious business awards in Australia.

Since inception, Proximity has had a strong history of supporting disadvantaged people in our communities and the broader Australian community through the work we do with our clients. We recognise our responsibilities to our clients and the communities within which we operate, both present and future. We focus on long-term, sustainable support for a limited number of organisations that assist vulnerable people in our communities to thrive and that help to build a stronger, more supportive community for all.

We are incredibly proud of being recognised for the work that we do within our community and alongside our community partners — Menslink, Inclusive Australia, The Farm in Galong, Law Society of the ACT, The Women’s Legal Centre (ACT and Region) and Fearless Women.

We are dedicated to our communities, and we show this through our devoted Community Group and Community Program, which has continued its strong growth and development as Proximity has grown as a business. In line with our overall business growth, we increased the
number of pro bono advice to the above partners from 13 to 19 (31.5% YOY growth), with an overall increase in pro bono hours from 700 to 1200 representing 70% YOY growth in contribution. The Community group reached its goal of increasing the geographic spread of
involvement with Community Partners with staff from Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney all involved with community work at the local level. This collectively resulted in an investment in our communities through the Community Practice of 2.6% of gross revenue.

Although we have been able to have an increased impact due to our growth, Proximity’s history has always been community minded, stemming from our co-founders, Sean King and James Dunn. Proximity has always prioritised pro bono work for the communities in which we operate, and for the business through improved staff engagement, a sense of purpose and connection to community. Both co-founders have participated in pro bono each year since its formation, making 2020-21 their tenth straight year of pro bono engagement. With our co-founders leading the way, employees understand the expectation and value of participating in pro bono, and we focus on recruiting the right people to continue this legacy.

As a result of our multilayer approach to community support, we measure our community impact by ensuring and reporting to the following:

  • Our people: have enriching and rewarding careers
  • Our clients: we support our clients to achieve helpful community outcomes
  • Our communities: are better off for having Proximity as a part of them.

As Proximity continues to grow, we will continue to be a positive force in our community. We are looking forward to the winner announcement in February 2022!

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