Kerri Hartland leads TaskForce for parliament culture changes

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The Morrison government has announced its first steps towards implementing recommendations from the Jenkins review into parliamentary culture, with the formation of a specialist TaskForce.

The TaskForce has been established to ensure all recommendations from a landmark review at Parliament House are implemented.

The formation of this specialist TaskForce was Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins’ second recommendation from the report, advising the government to establish a leadership TaskForce, with oversight by the presiding officers, “chaired by an independent expert and supported by an implementation group”.

It is with immense pride that we confirm Proximity Principal Advisor and Advisory Board Chair, Kerri Hartland, has been appointed as this independent, expert Chair. Kerri has been selected to lead the TaskForce, made up of government, Labor and crossbench MPs, to oversee the implementation of all 28 Jenkins review recommendations.

Kerri’s appointment as TaskForce Chair reflects the respect Kerri holds within government, her devotion to championing diversity and her experience in large cultural and people transformation initiatives.

Kerri is known across Government for her expertise in change, having overseen a diverse range of departments and agencies, ranging from Human Services where she oversaw the merger of Centrelink, Medicare, the Child Support Agency and the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Agency, to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, where she became its first female Deputy Director General and led many major transformation projects within the organisation.

In August 2020, after a public service career spanning three decades, Kerri joined Proximity as a Principal Advisor. The move from public to private sector was for Kerri, as much about a career change, as it was for finding an organisation that aligned with her values and allowed her to continue to work on projects with a national, people focus.

“In considering my next career step, I looked for a private sector company with a positive culture that best aligned with my values. Proximity was the best fit for me.”

Since joining Proximity, Kerri has been consulting to Government on service delivery reform and change management programs across a range of portfolios. In her position as Principal Advisor and more recently Proximity Advisory Board Chair, Kerri has continued to be a strong advocate for diversity. She is extremely generous with her time, mentoring many within Proximity, as part of our internal mentor program, and providing ongoing support to our staff as a Career & Wellbeing Manager. Kerri also shares her strategic and organisational insights generously through our strategic representative group.

It is clear through all Kerri’s roles that transformation, and pioneering diversity, is her focus, making her an obvious choice for TaskForce Chair of the Jenkins Review.

“I am honoured to oversee the rollout of the Jenkins review, and I am looking forward to working with the TaskForce and many across Parliament to make the changes we need to ensure that all Commonwealth Parliamentary workplaces are safe and respectful. I am determined to ensure that the review will bring about cultural and practical change.”

We look forward to supporting Kerri in her new role as TaskForce Chair and we are so proud to have Kerri on the Proximity team.

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