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Community Pledge

From its foundation, Proximity has had a strong commitment to the local community.

We are proud to announce an exciting new initiative which gives you, our client, the opportunity to help us to support one of our long-term community partners, Menslink.

This November and December, for all clients who opt-in to the initiative, Proximity will donate 5% of revenue from all new legal advisory business to this great cause.

Menslink assists hundreds of young men who find themselves socially isolated and without adequate male role models to develop the social skills they need to develop and grow into positive adult men.

The Proximity Community Pledge is open to both existing and new clients. It is another way of Proximity giving back to the community. It’s also an opportunity for our clients to play a part in supporting a great cause, at a time of year when there is so much strain on our local charities.

How to opt-in

To support this initiative, your organisation can send a reply email to to opt-in for all of the legal advisory work Proximity undertakes for your organisation over November and December. More information about how the Proximity Community Pledge works is available on our website.

Proximity has a dedicated corporate social responsibility program and award-winning pro-bono practice. Our current community partners are Menslink and The Farm in Galong, a post drug rehabilitation facility for women which provides care and services to reduce recidivism. We are launching the Proximity Community Pledge as a pilot initiative with the hope of extending it in 2020 to share the benefits with our other community partners.


How can my organisation opt-in to support the Proximity Community Pledge?

To opt-in for all of the legal advisory work Proximity undertakes for your organisation over November and December please send a reply email to Alternatively, your organisation might like to opt-in on a matter by matter basis, just send us an email and we will take care of the rest. In the new year, Proximity will reach out to the clients that supported this pilot initiative to let them know the outcome of the pledge.

How will Proximity apply the pledge to donate 5% of revenue?

Proximity provides advisory and onsite services across three areas: legal, commercial and governance.
For this pilot initiative we will apply the pledge to revenue we receive from legal advisory services delivered during November and December 2019, whether you are a new or existing client.

For example, if Proximity is delivering legal advisory services on an hourly basis for a particular matter, we will apply the pledge to the revenue we receive for the hours of work undertaken over November and December on that particular matter.
If your organisation opts-in to the initiative for all of the work Proximity does for your organisation over the November and December period, we will apply the 5% pledge to the total revenue we receive for the combined legal advisory services we have provided on an hourly basis over the period.

If Proximity is providing legal advisory services to your organisation on a fixed price basis using milestones, we will estimate the value of work we have done for your organisation on a pro rata basis over the November and December period and apply the 5% pledge.

If you are interested in supporting this pilot initiative and would like more information email or call 1800 959 885 we are happy to answer your questions.

Is Menslink a registered charity?

Proximity will donate 5% of the revenue from all new legal advisory business it receives to its community partner, Menslink.
Menslink is an endorsed charitable institution by the Australian Tax Office and a registered ACNC charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission. More information about Menslink is available here.