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COVID-19 Action Plan


As COVID-19 continues to shape our working situation, it is important that Proximity can quickly assess risks and respond in an efficient and coordinated manner.

We have developed a COVIDSafe Plan that ensures the protection of the health, wellbeing and safety of our staff, our clients, our service partners, and the broader community, whilst also ensuring business continuity.

We also have a COVID-19 Response Leadership Team (RLT) which includes our two Directors, Chief Operating Officer, and Group Manager – People.  This leadership team meets regularly and assesses advice from Federal and State Governments and Government Health Authorities (Government).

We have taken many precautionary measures during the pandemic, providing regular information, and working arrangement protocols to our team that are monitored for effectiveness.

Proximity continues to adjust well to the pandemic disruption. As a business we are committed to the provision of high-quality support to our clients and protecting the health of our staff, clients, service partners and other members of the community. Our staff have been exceptionally receptive to our early assessments and interventions, and openly supportive of our approach. We are also very mindful of the significant impact this crisis is having on our community and are continuing to provide pro bono and other support to our community partners who need our help now more than ever.

Proximity offices

Proximity is fully operational, and we continue to provide all our services in all States and Territories we operate in, as we work with you and all our clients through these uncertain times.  Proximity and staff follow Government Health recommended safe workplace practices and review the Proximity Operations COVID-19 state Government Alert Stage Action Plans for activity-based actions.


While the ACT Barton office remains open, all staff and visitors:



All meetings and visits that do not need to be held in person can be held online. Proximity has a highly capable video-conferencing and audio-conferencing system (Microsoft Teams) to hold and participate in virtual meetings, training, and similar activities.

Essential small face-to-face meetings and visits can take place at our Barton office with approval from our COVID RLT with identification of all participants for early contact purposes.

While meeting can take place in our Barton offices all attendees must;

Remote working

Our cloud-based technology platform allows us to be fully remote, meaning if required to work remoting we can continue to provide high quality and responsive support to our clients.

For staff, accessing our systems remotely will provide an identical experience to accessing our system from a Proximity office.

Our technology provider has confirmed that our platform will be able to support all our staff working remotely simultaneously.

We continuing to perform ongoing testing of our robust security systems. All staff have been made aware of the need for increased cyber-security vigilance at this time.

Proximity staff working at client sites

Proximity staff working at client sites are complying with client, service partner and Proximity COVID-19 protocols.

To prepare for the possibility that Proximity staff are no longer able to work on the client site, Proximity team members have been actively securing and testing client system remote working technologies and we are thankful for our clients’ coordination support.

For clients that are not able to provide remote access, Proximity staff will explore with you the option of instead working remotely from the Proximity system. This would require transferring to the Proximity system any files that are necessary to enable the Proximity staff member to continue to provide services.

Proximity staff are not to attend any workplace if they have a heightened risk of unwellness and must advise the client, Proximity immediately.  This extends to absence and notification if they are a close contact, or require a COVID-19 test and follow Government Health guidelines until cleared to return to a workplace.


All work-related interstate travel continues to be managed cautiously and in line with Government recommendations.

When Governments have recommended reduced or restricted zone movement, staff have been encouraged to postpone or cancel non-essential personal travel in line with relative State and Territory guidelines and early advice and advise Group Manager – People of any travel movements.

Staff are advised to discuss their travel movements with clients, prior to travel, if visiting a known COVID hotspot or area and returning to the workplace soon after.

Heightened risk of unwellness

We have made a commitment to our Proximity clients to follow COVID-19 safe working practices which give effect to current Government advice and addresses notification of illness and contact, working from home arrangements, self-containment, and good hygiene practices.

The protocol requires that staff who are unwell with any form of contagious illness or are at a heightened risk of infection (including having been in contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 case) must not attend either a Proximity or client workplace until cleared by Proximity and having met Government guidelines.

A staff member working on a client site is required to inform the client of their situation as early as possible and adhere to the client site protocols, as well as meet Proximity’s requirements to return to the workplace.


Should you have any queries about Proximity or our response to COVID-19, please do not hesitate to contact Sean King or James Dunn.

Sean King
Director | Proximity
0408 167 542
1800 959 885
Level 3, 55 Blackall St, Barton ACT

James Dunn
Director | Proximity
0407 888 894
1800 959 885
Level 3, 55 Blackall St, Barton ACT

If you need to contact a member of the Proximity team, please call 1800 959 885 or click here to obtain the direct contact details for an individual advisor.