Andrew Roden

Special Advisor

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0414 869 074


Policy, Programs, Grants and Regulation experience

Andrew established the Global Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Institute’s project analysis and reporting team and function. This involved managing a global team of experts, budgets, schedules and contracts to deliver policy advice to national governments and industry leaders. As part of this, Andrew procured and managed to completion a consortium of contractors to conduct a global stocktake of all CCS projects covering development status, costs, business case and investment drivers, research networks, regulatory regimes, and key barriers and challenges to commercialisation. This resulted in a set of landmark publications and policy advice for the Group of Eight (G8), the International Energy Agency and a larger international audience of 29 national governments and over 300 industry and research organisations. This work was then leveraged to assess the commercial viability of an international portfolio of 80 large-scale CCS projects and to direct the Institute’s own portfolio of grant projects worth $50 million.

Andrew was a key member of the Energy Efficiency Opportunities program which was enacted into legislation in 2006 and delivered over $800m in productivity benefits for Australia’s top 200 energy-using corporations over an 8-year period. Andrew:

  • Designed a key element of the Energy Efficiency Opportunities program based on an innovative business improvement methodology that was enacted into legislation
  • Conducted extensive consultation with Australia’s largest energy-using corporations successfully cultivating and managing a series of strategic relationships with twelve leading corporations (Alcoa, Xstrata, Orica, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Coca Cola, Bunker Freight, Coles, Woolworths, Wesfarmers, BP and Midland Brick) to showcase the commercial and whole of business benefits of the program
  • Supported the program delivery including management of team, budgets, planning, recruitment, risk, ministerial briefing and new policy proposals

Andrew led the end-to-end engagement of a new cohort of 250 contractors to undertake residential maintenance on DHA’s $10 billion property portfolio resulting in significant cost and quality improvements. This involved working across 16 regional offices and business units to:

  • Define strategic objectives seeking cost and quality improvements
  • Plan, coordinate and manage resources and activity
  • Establish KPI reporting and analysis
  • Update an online tender capture and evaluation tool
  • Finalise contracts with all successful contractors
  • All aspects of tender management