Andrew Roden

Special Advisor

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0414 869 074


Procurement and Tendering experience

Andrew has more than 15 years experience procuring and tendering a range of products and services on behalf of the Australian Government and private and not-for-profit organisations. For example, he has led the end to end procurement process to:

  • Secure maritime sustainment services for the Australian Border Force
  • Establish a government panel of energy efficiency advisors for the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources
  • Acquire a range of COTS products to support a major Defence acquisition contract
  • Renew the residential maintenance contractor base for Defence Housing Australia
  • Undertake a stocktake of carbon capture and storage projects across the world for the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources
  • Establish new wide area network (WAN) services contracts for 56 schools for Catholic Education as well as a new electricity agreement

This work has regularly involved developing a procurement strategy and plan, approach to market documentation, procurement policy compliance, tender evaluation, procurement risk management,  evaluation plans, evaluation training and coordination, designing performance frameworks, establishing appropriate tools and templates to support delivery, and managing various support staff.