Cara Sullivan

Senior Advisor

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0402 365 118


Litigation and Dispute Resolution experience

Cara provides effective representation of her clients in merits and judicial review proceedings, and is experienced in moving with the twists and turns of a litigated matter. Cara has had carriage of matters from application to resolution, which entails attending all initial directions hearings and conferences, drafting statements of position and submissions, and appearing as a solicitor advocate at the hearing of matter, or briefing counsel.

As a strategic thinker, Cara’s approach to litigation management involves establishing an initial case strategy that takes into account the existing legislation, case law and relevant policy position, the available evidence and the potential risks for her client from a prospects and reputational standpoint. As new evidence or changes in the client’s policy position come to light, Cara seeks to adapt the case strategy.

In addition to running litigation matters to hearing, Cara has also facilitated and participated in alternative dispute resolution processes, including participating in conciliations and conferences with an aim for resolution. Cara places great importance on ensuring that her dealings with other parties during the litigation and alternative dispute resolution process are respectful and representative of her client’s values and policy position.