Declan Norrie

Senior AdvisorManager - Community

Lead: Manager - Community

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0451 115 062


Commercial experience

Declan’s commercial methodologies are grounded in both industry better practices, as well as Whole-of-Government guidance and agency-specific policy.

Declan has experience advising on all stages of procurements across the Department of Defence, Australian Taxation Office, Airservices Australia, National Health and Medical Research Council, Geoscience Australia, Treasury, and ActewAGL.

Declan is quickly developing subject matter expertise in providing both strategic and operational contract management advice to the Commonwealth government, having evaluated contract management practices for teams responsible for managing hundreds of millions of dollars of products and services.

Declan has been responsible for developing contract management frameworks that shave away inefficiency and streamline practices that drive performance-focused supplier behaviours.

Declan is a core member of Proximity’s specialist probity team, supporting both Sarah Colman and Bruce Brown to advise clients on probity risks and recommended pathways for effective sourcing.