Jessica Bristol

Expert AdvisorNational Lead - Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Lead: National Lead - Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0408 020 799


Reviews, Investigations and Inquiries experience

Underpinning Jessica’s review and investigation skillset is her significant coronial inquest experience as both an externally appointed solicitor.

Jessica has acted on behalf of private health sector clients and internally managing and co-ordinating inquest involvement on behalf of the Department of Defence.

Specific Review experience includes assisting the Review Leaders on the DLA Piper Review of Allegations of Sexual and Other Abuse in Defence.

Jessica played a lead role in:

  • Assessing and investigating the veracity of claims (including whether they fell within the Terms of Reference)
  • Co-ordinating and managing the most serious allegations and responses to potential victims.
  • Evidentiary documents.

In this role, Jessica:

  • Compiled data and content for the report(s) ultimately delivered to the Minister of Defence
  • Dealt directly with Defence personnel of all ranks
  • Formed conclusions about sites of alleged abuse
  • Managed workflow and information between legal advisers, Defence and the Minister
  • Obtained and co-ordinated evidentiary documents from different sources
  • Obtained statements.

This involved liaising with communication teams and co-ordinating and dealing with media and public enquiries regarding sensitive and high-profile issues.