Jody Blinco

Principal AdvisorNational Lead - Project & Program Management

Lead: National Lead - Project & Program Management

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0432 753 166


Governance experience

Jody has been heavily involved in Governance processes across many projects.  This work has included being part of the Governance forums, developing and implementing Governance structures for differing projects and carrying out Governance reviews including recommended improvement initiatives.

Jody has carried out the project assurance reviews.  The aim of these reviews was to provide new insights to internal control, as well as an independent perspective to support the delivery of more complex programs/projects.  They covered areas such as –

  • independent assurance on how best to ensure that programs/projects are successful.
  • aligning benefits to organisational strategic objectives with clear measurable targets, timelines, and owners
  • building capability through by providing mentoring and coaching on project delivery and lessons learned