Kerri Hartland

Advisory Board Chair - Principal AdvisorNational Lead - Org Planning, Transformation & Governance

Lead: National Lead - Org Planning, Transformation & Governance

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 1800 959 885


Organisational Planning and Transformation experience

Kerri was in charge of overhauling the service delivery of what was the Department of Human Services.

This initiative brought together the legislation, systems, processes and cultural reform for what would become Services Australia.

Then Secretary, Finn Pratt, designated Kerri as the first among equals to work with nine deputy secretaries and four key agency heads to lead and manage the reforms.

Working with a variety of consulting firms, Kerri developed an innovative governance model to ensure that the various consulting firms worked effectively together rather than competitively.

Kerri encouraged a collaborative environment and applied this model in transformations in the Department of Finance and ASIO.

Kerri also ran a major culture change initiative in the Department of Industry, Science and Resources as the Chief Information Officer.

The initiative ensured the business and information technology areas worked effectively to achieve results.