Peter Bell

Expert AdvisorFederal Government Lead - Procurement & Tendering / Contract & Vendor Management

Lead: Federal Government Lead - Procurement & Tendering / Contract & Vendor Management

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0413 580 005


Business cases and cost modelling experience

Peter has developed business cases, including cost modelling and cabinet submissions, as part of his consulting practice.  This includes for projects at whole of government and individual agency level.

He was lead consultant on a project with developed the business case and cabinet submission for procurement and implementation of a Whole of Government Electronic Document and Records Management system for the ACT Government   He subsequently assisted the lead Agency with the requirements specification, procurement process, contract negotiation and rollout strategy, including project and risk management processes.  The project involved extensive consultation with Agencies, data collection and cost analysis and modelling.

Peter is fully conversant with cost modelling approaches, including whole of life costing using discounted cash flow analysis, and the use of sensitivity analysis to assist in understanding and management of risk.

His extensive business and consulting experience assists in development of practical and achievable approaches to the identification, quantification and realisation of benefits.

Prior to commencing his consulting career, Peter was a Senior Executive in  Commonwealth and ACT Government organisations, with responsibility for ICT Service Delivery and ICT & Information Management.  Much of his work was at whole of government level which required extensive inter-agency (and often inter governmental) consultation as part of policy, business case and cabinet processes.  He has presented at Cabinet in support of key policy submissions.