Peter Bell

Expert AdvisorFederal Government Lead - Procurement & Contracts

Lead: Federal Government Lead - Procurement & Contracts

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0413 580 005


Consulting experience

Peter is a Certified Management Consultant with more than 25 years experience providing management consulting  services to government organisations within Australia and internationally.

He has worked across all levels of government in Australia, including Commonwealth, State and Local Government.

Peter has led strategic business transformation and process improvement projects for a number of organisations which have demonstrably improved delivery of government services at the local, national and global level.

He has high level skills and experience in consultation, process analysis, organisational design, technology and governance and has used these to deliver high quality outcomes for clients that have been capable of implementation and that have delivered measurable results.

He is very experienced in consulting methodology and practice and is highly valued for his consultation and stakeholder engagement skills.

Peter believes in using the “right approach to reach the right conclusions” and usually develops a custom plan for each assignment.

He will draw on a range of skills and approaches, tailored to deliver the required outcomes including:

  • workshop and group facilitation;
  • Structured and unstructured interviews;
  • Environmental scans, external research and analysis;
  • data collection, surveys and analysis;
  • process modelling;
  • SWOT analysis;
  • Mind mapping;
  • Activity based costing, cost modelling and cost benefit analysis; and
  • co-design.

This is supported by his high level project planning, project management and risk management skills and experience directed at achieving on time delivery of superior client outcomes.