Peter Bell

Expert AdvisorFederal Government Lead - Procurement & Tendering / Contract & Vendor Management

Lead: Federal Government Lead - Procurement & Tendering / Contract & Vendor Management

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0413 580 005


Contract and Vendor Management experience

Peter is a Certified Management Consultant with more than 25 years experience providing management consulting and commercial services to government organisations within Australia and New Zealand.

Peter has extensive commercial experience in strategic sourcing, procurement, contract negotiation and vendor and contract management.

He has undertaken a number of assignments in the contract management and vendor management domains

Peter worked with the Department of Health to work with contracted service providers to improve service delivery and resolve performance issues for two outsourcing contracts.

He worked with the contract managers and service providers to review the service requirements,  contract metrics and performance against defined performance measures set out in the agreement.  Through a series of structured interviews and facilitated workshops, contractual requirements and standard operating procedures were clarified and agreement was reached on improvement strategies and projects.  Following implementation, the department and the vendor were able to agree on contract performance measured against the service standards, and the application of service credits and debits.  Having clarified the issues and established better working relationships, this process served to drive performance improvements over time.

He has worked with another agency on the development of vendor relationship and contract management frameworks, and relevant processes to underpin these.