Peter Bell

Expert AdvisorFederal Government Lead - Procurement & Tendering / Contract & Vendor Management

Lead: Federal Government Lead - Procurement & Tendering / Contract & Vendor Management

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0413 580 005


Organisational Planning and Transformation experience

Peter has led strategic business transformation and process improvement projects for a number of organisations.

He has high level skills and experience in consultation, process analysis, organisational design, technology and governance and has used these to deliver high quality outcomes for clients that have been capable of implementation and that have delivered measurable results.

Peter led a major governance review and transformation project for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that led to:

  • the establishment of the Australian Passport Office as a division within the department
  • Implementation of a revised organisation structure to support strategic and operational business requirements; and
  • Initiation of several strategic projects to improve operational performance and governance

He subsequently assisted with a number of implementation projects, including:

  • Development of a three-year strategic plan including performance measures based on a modified balanced scorecard approach
  • High level design and implementation of operational reporting and analysis capabilities linked to KPIs in the balanced scorecard
  • High level design of business processes for improvements in eligibility assessment processes and workflows
  • Implementation of bookings processes and systems for the passport interview process
  • Centralisation of eligibility assessment and passport printing for overseas applications
  • Passport Systems modernisation program
  • development of a strategy and services for passports on-line, including web hosting services, content management and a payment gateway.

He undertook a significant project for the CIO Group of the Department of Human Services to review and optimise processes for the engagement of contractors and service providers to support major BAU and new projects.

Peter also undertook a review of ministerial and parliamentary support arrangements, including organisational arrangements, mapping of processes for handling briefs, correspondence and cabinet submissions and management of stakeholder expectations at parliamentary and departmental levels.  A number of key organisational, process and relationship management reforms were implemented as a result of this review.  Peter also undertook a similar assignment for another government agency.

Peter was also engaged to review the operations for the APSC learning and development panel, including governance arrangements, organisational structure, process mapping, client engagement models, costs and cost recovery arrangements.  He worked with the APSC on development of a strategic plan and a revised operating model.