Phil Lindenmayer

Special Advisor

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0448 438 010



Phil’s speciality is developing commercial strategies to meet complex business needs, and leading the delivery and implementation of those strategies through innovative procurement projects.

Phil has decades of senior experience in government, including over a decade as a senior executive, and has led a number of highly challenging sourcing projects for major government departments, both while in government and through consulting engagements.

Phil’s approach is highly consultative, with an emphasis on generating a shared understanding of the true outcomes that a commercial strategy seeks to achieve, and breaking down the barriers between business owners, technology deliverers and procurement specialists to build a consensus on the path to those outcomes.

Phil also has a very wide range of other skillsets acquired from working in a broad range of areas of government, spanning human resources, workforce planning, technology implementation, audit, governance, strategic review, budget, property and cabinet processes.

Phil is an active supporter of In Good Faith Foundation, a registered charity that provides casework support for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse, helping those terribly-wronged people to achieve fair redress from the institutions that sheltered their abusers and advancing them on their path to healing.  Phil plays a key role in supporting the governance of the foundation to ensure its sustainability and success.

Phil is also a passionate music-lover, with tastes ranging from renaissance opera and symphonic classics through cool jazz and hip hop to techno and death metal.