Sarah Byrne

Principal AdvisorNational Lead - Public Law

Lead: National Lead - Public Law

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0411 235 725



Sarah Byrne is a Principal Advisor at Proximity and leads the firm’s Public Law practice.  Sarah is highly valued by clients both for her outstanding legal skills and the practicality and strategic sensitivity of her solutions. Clients rely on her as a sounding board and trusted advisor who understands that the law is only one aspect of solving problems. 

Sarah has worked in many different contextsincluding as General Counsel for several Commonwealth Departments, ACT Public Advocate, leadership positions in other national firms, head of the Commonwealth’s Medical Indemnity Task Force, and delivery of many major legislation projectsAs a company director she works with national non-profits, especially on governance and business improvement. She is a highly regarded speaker and training provider. 

Sarah has degrees in Law and Arts, mediation and director qualificationsand has studied government investigations, training and statutory compliance. She has received awards for her government work, and chairs the ACT Law Society’s Government Law Committee. 

Sarah is married to Peter, with whom she shares a love of the great indoors – especially theatre and booksShe often speaks at crime fiction conventions, and considers a week wasted without at least two shows.