Sean King

Co-FounderClient Lead - Defence

Lead: Client Lead - Defence

Phone: 1800 959 885

Mobile: 0408 167 542


Negotiation experience

Sean has negotiated everything from materiel acquisition and sustainment contracts to partnership and joint venture arrangements to property deals.

Sean achieves great commercial outcomes for clients while maintaining strong relationships with suppliers and other parties.

This approach builds a strong foundation for future project success.

Sean undertakes thorough negotiation planning and has a deep understanding of both government and private sector negotiating environments.

Sean has acted as lead negotiator and a negotiation coach.

Sean has worked on some of Australia’s largest projects, including multi-billion dollar deals and significant national programs.

Sean was engaged by the Department of Defence, one of the largest purchasing organisations in Australia, to update its negotiation framework, including:

  • Contract negotiation directive
  • Negotiation guidance
  • Negotiation report template
  • Negotiation process.

Sean was one of only 23 individuals selected by Defence to join its first specialist negotiation panel to lead or support the department’s largest and most complex negotiations.

Likewise, Proximity was one of only a handful of companies to be selected.

These panel appointments followed nationwide advertising in major papers and an extensive evaluation process that included psychometric testing and simulated negotiation.

Sean has completed the Scotwork Advanced Negotiation Skills Course.