Proximity’s procurement analytics tool Optix™ allows you to easily leverage data analytics to gain greater insight on Austender data.

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Su-Ann Tan Burke
Optix Lead

Using the Austender data set supplemented with your internal sources of data, interactive data visualisations allow you to spot trends, benchmark, model and forecast. With 24/7 cloud access you can also quickly answer questions using natural language queries and easily create visual reports.

For Government

The Optix™ tool allows you to save money by aggregating demand and adopting category management, plan for your procurement resourcing needs, identify contracts that are ending shortly, better understand and manage key suppliers, quickly answer questions from executives and make better purchasing decisions.

For Private Industry

Optix gives service providers at all levels valuable insights from AusTender procurement data. By leveraging data analytics Optix helps you to gain greater insights into where to invest your time and effort to win the most tenders.

How can Optix help you?

  • Determine the rolled-up value of a particular contract over its lifespan
  • Understand the timeline for renewal of a particular service
  • Get a feel for existing procurement contracts across agencies
  • Understand the tenders your competitors have won
  • Explore panels and who’s on them per service line or agency, from a centralised interface.

Proximity’s Procurement-as-a-Service (PaaS) delivery model provides a bundle of key procurement support services required by organisations and under a trusted partnership with Proximity, enabling better procurement outcomes not just within your procurement team, but across your organisation.

The PaaS model includes a comprehensive range of procurement related services and products that clients can draw upon as required covering strategic, tactical and operational support. Proximity’s PaaS model features three service levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) as well as optional services, allowing you to tailor the model to align to your requirements and budget.

The benefits of our PaaS offering include:

  • Flexibility: you can scale up or down your requirements for services to suit your needs.
  • Capacity: we can provide additional capacity to complement your procurement team, which helps reduce burnout and stress.
  • Right size: we provide a risk management approach that ensures resources are directed where they are needed and maximises value for money.

Delegations, authorisations and appointments (DAAs) need regular and consistent attention. However, DAAs are often only reviewed periodically due to resource constraints or other priority work, or the responsibility for DAAs moves around the agency or is permanently dispersed across the agency.

Many agency systems and processes for DAAs are at risk of decline and disorder. If not addressed, this can have a
significant adverse effect on the operations of the agency.

We can help:

We can work with you to examine your agency’s DAAs and discuss options for improvement. This will help your agency to:

  • Identify areas of non-compliance
  • Rectify non-compliant instruments
  • Implement new procedures to ensure ongoing compliance.

We can provide the following services:

Stage 1 (Review & Fix)

  • Undertaking a cost-effective review of the current state of your agency’s DAAs
  • Ensuring instruments are up to date, consistently and accurately described and within the scope permitted by legislation
  • Reviewing the agency’s mechanisms for storing, recording and updating instruments
  • Ensuring DAAs correspond accurately with the electronic record management system used by your agency
  • Establish the systems that allow your agency to demonstrate that appropriate DAAs are in place
  • Creating instrument registers, and a process for their maintenance, to ensure records are properly kept
  • Developing minutes and briefs, template instruments, record keeping systems, process documents and training materials.

Stage 2 (Ongoing Support)

  • Providing a quarterly review and maintenance service to ensure that DAAs are reviewed on a regular and consistent basis
  • Fast turnaround on drafting instruments providing an ongoing advisory service in relation to DAAs
  • Option for Proximity to host and maintain a DAA online portal that you can access 24/7.

You can choose to Purchase Stage 1 only or combine both stages to your package. We offer hourly/ daily rate or fixed pricing for Stages 1 and 2 and can customise a solution that meets your agency’s specific needs.