Proximity’s procurement analytics tool Optix™ allows you to easily leverage data analytics to gain greater insight on Austender data.

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Simon Gemmell
Optix Lead

Using the Austender data set supplemented with your internal sources of data, interactive data visualisations allow you to spot trends, benchmark, model and forecast. With 24/7 cloud access you can also quickly answer questions using natural language queries and easily create visual reports.

For Government

The Optix™ tool allows you to save money by aggregating demand and adopting category management, plan for your procurement resourcing needs, identify contracts that are ending shortly, better understand and manage key suppliers, quickly answer questions from executives and make better purchasing decisions.

For Private Industry

Optix gives service providers at all levels valuable insights from AusTender procurement data. By leveraging data analytics Optix helps you to gain greater insights into where to invest your time and effort to win the most tenders.

How can Optix help you?

  • Determine the rolled-up value of a particular contract over its lifespan
  • Understand the timeline for renewal of a particular service
  • Get a feel for existing procurement contracts across agencies
  • Understand the tenders your competitors have won
  • Explore panels and who’s on them per service line or agency, from a centralised interface.