Effective grants administration in uncertain times

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Administering grants is complex, challenging and rewarding. However, in uncertain times (namely budget repair, recession and a lack of workforce skills) administering grants can become your golden ticket to receiving a visit from the ANAO. Government is making a significant amount of grant funds available to repair the budget and stabilise the economy, reaching sectors spoilt for choice or inexperienced in delivering grants. Conversely, there may be current grant programs deemed not necessary to deliver against government policy which need to be terminated.

In this session Nicole Elliott and Sarah Byrne share their war stories and provide handy hints for legal teams when advising policy and program teams on how to navigate emerging risks and complexities with administering grants and grant programs in uncertain times.

ACT Legal Practitioners CPD:
0.75 Points
Core Area 3 — Professional skills

Nicole Elliott (Special Advisor National Lead – Policy, Programs, Grants & Regulation)

Sarah Byrne (Principal Advisor)

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