Sovereign capability and supply chains

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“Australian sovereign industrial capability’’ – is this a renewed term for protecting our manufacturing sector or key to managing vulnerable supply chain risks in the national interest?

The last two years of the pandemic (together with earlier bushfires) have highlighted our vulnerability to supply chain disruptions. This has brought about much commentary on improving self-sufficiency in some areas, diversifying our supply chains and managing risks presented from security—including cyber and defence—health emergencies, trade disruptions, environmental and infrastructure-related shocks, and geo-political instability, to name a few. It’s likely we will experience ongoing disruptions in the future. 

This session explores the renewed focus on sovereign capability and looks at the Defence area of restarting shipbuilding in the context of “the recent Government decisions for investment in carbon-neutral technologies and nuclear submarines construction and support requires a strategic rethink on technology and manufacturing in Australia”. The panel also examines experience in handling supply chain disruptions in the context of the pandemic, and what it took to ensure we had adequate supplies of personal protective equipment in the early days of COVID-19.

The panel focuses on risks, costs, and competitiveness of our industries, and considers what we need to be aware of when procuring goods and services.

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Glenys Beauchamp – Proximity Principal Advisor
Warren King – Proximity Expert Consultant
Kristen Tilley – First Assistant Secretary, Office of Supply Chain Resilience
Michael Brennan – Chair
Productivity Commission

Greg Divall -Proximity Expert Advisor

Justine Greig (Host)
Deputy Secretary, Defence People
Department of Defence

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