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Pricing Methods

Proximity offers a broad range of pricing models that are tailored to meet your needs so you don’t get any of the surprises that come from six-minute billing. We don’t just talk about using different pricing models, we regularly deliver services under all of our core pricing models set out below.


Proximity is very comfortable providing services on a fixed price basis because we have a lot of experience providing our services to clients and back ourselves to deliver the services you need to a very high quality and on time. We understand the budget pressures faced by clients and the need to have price certainty.

Fixed price engagements often work where there is a high degree of certainty in the scope and/or volume of services or the project has a fixed budget that must not be exceeded.

We regularly use milestones in fixed price engagements that require us to perform certain tasks or meet certain objectives before we are entitled to a portion of the fixed price. We can sit down with you to determine your exact service needs and then develop a fixed price solution to meet these


We can provide services using a daily rate. This model often works best where the engagement is of medium or long duration (e.g. 3 – 12 months) and the advisor is required for full days, but the exact scope or volume of services required is not clear enough to fix the price. We offer very competitive daily rates for highly skilled and experienced advisors who can work closely with your team.


We can provide services using an hourly rate. This model often works best where the engagement is short or the timing ad hoc and maximum flexibility is required. We offer very competitive hourly rates for highly skilled and experienced advisors who can help your team.


We can provide services using a subscription pricing model. This allows you to buy or subscribe to a service (or bundle of services) for a specific period of time for a set price. Clients will typically commit to the services on a monthly or annual basis.

This model works well when the services are recurring, the volume of services you need over the subscription period can be predicted with reasonable accuracy (although there might be peaks and troughs throughout), you want price certainty and you want the certainty of being able to access our expertise as and when you need it.


We can also provide services using other pricing models including a combination of any of the models described above. We can sit down with you to discuss your service requirements and tailor a pricing model based on the scope, volume, frequency and budget requirements for the services you need.