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Proximity provides tailored, practical, and innovative solutions


Procurement management

We have helped clients with a wide range of procurement and strategic sourcing projects with a focus on major capital acquisition and sustainment projects and information technology and telecommunication projects.

Our work:

  • Internet Gateway Project – Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Air Warfare Destroyer Transition to Sustainment Project – Department of Defence
  • Asset Management and Maintenance System Replacement Project – Icon Water
  • Contact Centre Outsourcing – Australian Taxation Office

We can help you with:

  • strategy and planning
  • approach to market documentation
  • procurement policy compliance
  • tender evaluation
  • procurement risk management
  • negotiation and contract formation
  • post negotiation support
  • contract management.

We can design, structure, draft and implement sound but practical procurement strategies and documentation. We take the time to understand your priorities. We have a well-established reputation as a trusted procurement management team that works hard to create strong relationships with our clients. In this way we make sure the procurement strategy we develop and implement achieves your business and operational goals.

Procurement consulting

We can help you improve your procurement infrastructure, including processes, procedures, frameworks and templates. These services may include front end review and advice services and back end implementation of review outcomes and recommendations.

Our work:

  • Procurement and Grants Agreement Framework Review – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Procurement Templates Improvement Project – Australian Taxation Office
  • Procurement and Contract Management Frameworks – National Health and Medical Research Council
  • ICT Professional Services Panel Strategic Review – Treasury Portfolio
  • Contract Price and Payment Models Reform Project – Australian Taxation Office
  • Aid Strategic Sourcing Arrangement – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

We can help you with:

  • compliance reviews
  • improvement programs
  • training programs
  • procurement frameworks
  • contract management
  • template improvements
  • procurement and contract management tools
  • stakeholder engagement
  • organisation design

We regularly help clients meet their probity obligations on projects ranging from the very small to the very large, complex and politically sensitive.

We can provide you front-end probity advice when you are approaching the market to buy goods or services and back-end probity advice if your procurement has been challenged by an unsuccessful tenderer. We can help you with probity plans, briefs, registers, reviews, audits and advice.

Our work;

  • Contact Centres Outsourcing Project – Australian Taxation Office
  • Occupational, Rehabilitation and Medical Services Panel – Australian Taxation Office
  • Evaluation Services Panel – Australian Taxation Office

We can help you with:

  • probity plans
  • probity briefings
  • probity registers
  • probity reviews
  • probity audits
  • probity advice

We have a proven track record providing practical and effective probity services to major procurements. Our focus is on making probity a seamless part of your project and achieving effective commercial outcomes. We can help you comply with best probity practices while still enabling appropriate market engagement in the procurement process.


Proximity has extensive experience developing and carrying out procurement and contract management training for clients.

We can provide training services to your organisation’s procurement teams, business areas, leaders and executives and work with you to identify training topics, audience, content and length.

Some of the training topics we have successfully delivered include:

  • commercial awareness training
  • performance based contracting
  • price and payment models
  • contract risk management and contract negotiations.

In conjunction with Indigenous law firm Terri Janke and Company, we can also run training on engaging and managing indigenous suppliers.

Procurement as a Service (PaaS)

We are revolutionising the government procurement advisory market through our unique and innovative Procurement-as-a-service (PaaS) offering. This model allows clients to build a trusted partnership with us, enabling better procurement outcomes not just within the procurement team but across the whole organisation.

Our model provides a comprehensive range of procurement related services and products that you can draw on as you need them. They cover strategic, tactical and operational support.

The benefits of our PaaS offering include:

  • Flexibility—you can scale up or down your requirements for services to suit your needs.
  • Capacity—we can provide additional capacity to complement your procurement team, which helps reduce burnout and stress.
  • Right size—we provide a risk management approach that ensures resources are directed where they are needed and maximises value for money.

Proximity offers a dynamic and intuitive procurement analytics tool called Optix™. It allows our clients to easily leverage data analytics to gain greater insight into their spending.

Using the AusTender data set supplemented with your internal sources of data, interactive data visualisations allow you to spot trends, benchmark, model and forecast. With 24/7 cloud access you can also quickly answer questions using Natural Language queries and easily create visual reports.

The tool allows you to save money by aggregating demand and adopting category management, plan for your procurement resourcing needs, identify contracts that are ending shortly, better understand and manage key suppliers, quickly answer questions from executives and make better purchasing decisions.

Try our Optix™ demo

Government Procurement Judicial Review Readiness

From 20 April 2019, procurement processes will come under more scrutiny than ever.  That is when the Government Procurement (Judicial Review) Act starts.

All agencies need to be prepared for the Act.

The attached brochure explains how Proximity’s Government Procurement Judicial Review Readiness Solution can help you prepare.

Briefly, we can: Government Procurement Judicial Review Readiness

  • do a readiness assessment
  • develop a complaint handling process and associate delegations
  • develop the guidance and templates you need to be prepared
  • advise on a particular high risk procurement
  • help investigate complaints to head off court action
  • provide training.

If you’d like to talk about judicial review of procurements, please contact us.

Government Procurement Judicial Review Readiness Brochure



Good governance is about establishing the best possible framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes for making and implementing decisions.

The characteristics of good governance include accountability and transparency, responsiveness, equity, efficiency and effectiveness and inclusivity.

Our governance practice reflects our breadth and depth of understanding of government and regulated industries and how they operate.

We can provide advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • project governance structures
  • gateway assurance reviews
  • duties and obligations of government officers
  • scope and obligations in relation to delegations and authorisations and handling public money
  • the nature and extent of obligations to comply with government policies and the development of governance policy and guidance documents.
Work Health and Safety

WHS affects everyone and requires a commitment from all levels within an organisation—integrating safety into strategic and operational activities, generating a safety culture and driving performance.

A compliant and effective WHS management system is an investment against workplace injury, claims and lost productivity and will reduce the likelihood of breaches, prosecutions and potential exposure to significant penalties.

Proximity can help your organisation meet its WHS objectives and legal obligations through efficient and effective management of your front and back end WHS processes. We can provide advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • WHS strategy and planning
  • WHS safety management systems
  • due diligence frameworks
  • legal compliance audits
  • risk management review and development
  • WHS and contractor management
  • incident management
  • workplace injury and asbestos claims
  • litigation and WHS seminars, workshops and in-house training.
Reviews, Evaluation and Benefits Realisation

All organisations want to ensure that their projects, policies and programs are achieving their desired outcomes. Proximity can assist you to ensure that you are getting the best out of your programs through our range of evaluation services including:

  • Policy and program review
  • Process evaluation
  • Program logic development
  • Strategic performance measures and KPIs
  • Data visualisation and dashboard reporting
  • Monitoring and evaluation planning
  • Real time evaluation (developmental evaluation)
  • Formative evaluation (post-implementation reviews)
  • Summative evaluation (outcome and impact evaluations)
  • Program risk assessment
  • Feasibility assessment and review
  • Facilitation and research services.

Case studies

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